Anthony Clark

Likes : Relaxing music, time in the studio, grilling on the patio on a cool night, watching my wife in the flower garden, thunderstorms. Dislikes: Confusion and chaos Favorite Food: All things Italian, especially homemade lasagna and long simmered pots of sauce. Favorite Quote: Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the…

New Releases – July 2019

We are proud to offer 6 new releases for November 2018:

VGM126 Zombie Apocalypse Vol 4 – Outbreak
VGM127 Minimalist Thoughts Vol 5 – Balancing Life
VGM128 Romantic Expressions Vol 4 – Seductive Whispers
VGM129 Dramatic Beats Vol 5 – Raucous And Retro
VGM130 Artist Series Vol 13 – Kyle Johnston – Trailer Ammunition
VGM131 Hybrid Epic Orchestral Vol 5 – Protect The City